Manufacturing and marketing
of Medical Implants
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About Us

  • BIOPROTECE S.A. is an argentinian Company that manufactures implantable medical prostheses with the experience and business development acquired in 15 years of presence in the market. Parts production begins with the process of "forged", this process makes the difference with the rest of the manufacturers.

  • In 1978 we started producing forged parts for an emerging market.

  • Following the beginnings of forging process, we continued with the machining which made possible to have experience in a wide range of materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, maintaining the line of 300, 12L14, brass, bronze, copper, titanium and including aluminum. The fact of having achieved highly complex developments, along with the permanent willingness to serve our customers, led us to create our own infrastructure and increase the number of machines, creating in 2004, Bioprotece SA.

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